Introduction to Songwriting and Music Production with Lee ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Listen up and hear the music!  If you aspire to be a musician and songwriter or want to flex your creative juices then this is the class for you.  The ability to create and produce your own music is now at your fingertips and easily achievable on your own computer!

Come join Lee to learn how to record a ‘good enough’ demo for the right people to hear!  This class will introduce the steps to take, demonstrate the process and tools to get you started on the road to writing and producing your first song.

What will we cover?

How to:

  • Create and record song ideas into your computer via a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
  • Choose a musical style
  • Choose accompanying instruments most appropriate for the song idea
  • Arrange songs and give them more structure, how to begin your song and help keep the listener engaged and interested
  • Create consistent balance for instruments, tonality and space in your song through the use of volume, EQ and panning
  • Adjust the song elements by providing feedback as each part is balanced, equalised and panned in the mix
  • Use effects to enhance your mix, adding more life and depth to your song with reverb, delay, compression and other effects to help give your song a more professional finish
  • Record your song and share your idea or demo with friends or top record label executives!

What will you need?

  • Have a computer ready as you’ll be provided a link at the start of the session to enable audio playback from music software
  • Headphones!

Who will be teaching?

Lee Batchelor is a training consultant for the National Australia Bank but his real passion is teaching music production!

Lee writes and produces drum and bass music under the name Future Engineers (since 1997).  Future Engineers was signed exclusively to LTJ Bukems Good Looking Records in early 2000.  Lee has his own digital label Transference Recordings and continues to release music through various other record labels.

Lee now runs monthly online music production sessions to his students around the world.  These sessions provide individual coaching for those who are looking for more specialised support to hone their music production skills. You can reach Lee via his website.