Japanese Versus Chinese: Tea Secrets

This class has passed
This class has passed


What’s it all about?

Despite coming from the same plant, and being close geographically, Chinese and Japanese teas are worlds apart!

Did you know there is a big difference? While tea originated in China, Japan has created a very different style with complex aromas and tastes.

In this class we will taste teas, learn to brew the best cup, and discuss the key factors that account for these differences.

What we will cover?

Teas are not made alike! Growing regions and conditions, production, and brewing methods create very different flavours. In this workshop, we will guide you through the green tea world.

We will learn the best brewing styles for each type, the benefits and will also savour a selection of green teas. In particular, we will discuss:

  • Different production styles
  • Key differences between the growing methods
  • Harvesting and picking standards and cultivar selection
  • Regions for green tea farming in China and Japan
  • Best brewing methods for each green tea.

We will also be brewing and tasting teas to appreciate the differences between the two unique styles.

Who will be teaching

Tania is the founder of Cuppa Cha and specialises in single estate teas from Asia. She regularly travels to Taiwan to study with tea farmers, scientists and professionals. The teas she has sourced through these trips can be enjoyed at the SpeakTEAsy sessions or during any of her workshops held throughout Australia.

Harumi is a Japanese tea instructor certified by Nihoncha Instructor Association. She owns an online store called Okei-san, Japanese Tea Plus ( and holds Japanese tea workshops and demonstrations. Her passion is to introduce people to authentic and high-quality Japanese tea, and to share her experience in brewing Japanese tea to enhance its flavour and health benefits.