Kick Start Your Life Today!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

When they Google “Ground Hog Day” are they met with a picture of your “smiling” face? Are you jealous of people who live the life of your dreams while all you got was the nightmare? Did you pick the wrong career, the wrong partner, and wrong signature fragrance?

In “Kick Start Your Life” we will talk about strategies to give your life a jump start and get things back on track!

What will we cover?

Street smart, real life tips and strategies for discovering your talents, build foundations and get your life moving again.

We will cover the things that get in the way from making a new start, how to overcome the things that stop us changing our lives; how to build confidence and overcome fear. How to build a life philosophy that you can rely on time and time again, regardless of what happens to you.

We will also talk about the mistakes to avoid and IF there was one thing and one thing only you could do – what it would be and what you would need to do to do it.

Note book, curiosity and questions a must! Be prepared to get involved and be inspired.

Who will be teaching?

Owen Thomas has had to do the all of the above not once, not twice, but three times. First picked the wrongest of wrong careers, then lost everything in the perfect business storm…then recovered from 6 years of a debilitating illness, where walking to the end of the street was a big day out. Owen’s own kick-starts have seen him produce 5 music albums, concept and produce some of Australia’s largest corporate events then fund his own health care and recovery.