Light Painting: Using Light As Your Brush

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Light painting is a fun photographic technique that involves long exposure photography, dark spaces and light (created by anything from a professional torch to a kid’s toy) to create all sorts of artistic compositions. Whether you own a camera or you are just curious about the images, come and learn the secrets of painting with light!

What will we cover?

You will learn the basics of long exposure photography, night photography and light painting such as the different camera settings and how to use them. We will show you the basic tools for light painting (warning: it involves Star Wars light sabres!) as well as explaining and demonstrating some basic techniques such as silhouetting, space writing, steel wool and stencils.

Who will be teaching?

Partners in Light is a creative duo of amateur photographers and avid light painters. Formed by Maria Yebra and Steve Rowland, Partners in Light mixes urban exploration (exploring abandoned buildings), along with night photography, light painting and anything else that might take their fancy! You can see their work at their blog: Partners in Light.

When they are not dwelling around a dark building with their camera in tow, they both freelance as a marketing consultant and a motion graphics designer.