Melbourne Property Speed Monopoly

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Property investment can be difficult to understand, particularly when it comes to knowing what to buy and when. But with the help of a round of Monopoly we are going to gain a better understanding of the basics of buying and selling property in Melbourne.

What will we cover?

Property is a long term game and with each decision there is a long term effect which can improve your situation or hinder it. In Monopoly we can see some of the effects of our decisions quickly, but in life it can take years.

We’re going to revamp the classic Monopoly game board by matching squares with Melbourne suburbs – will East Melbourne be the new Mayfair? What suburb will be given the cheapest spot on the board? Then, as we play our way around the board we’ll learn about the ins and outs of property investment and strategise how to win the game of Melbourne’s property market, including concepts like property value attracting proportional returns, adding value to property through construction, mortgaging and financing.

Who will be teaching?

Edwena is a finance adviser (a.k.a. mortgage broker) who has been interested in saving and helping others save their money since high school. Her passion and knack for helping her friends understand their mortgages and how they could be saving money led her to a job in the financial services industry. Now she works to assist other young, passionate and driven Australian’s reach financial freedom and grow their personal wealth before retirement. Edwena also has a passion for snowboarding and is very excited to have just got married!