More Than Monogamy with Sam ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

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What’s it all about?

Have you ever wondered if there’s a different way to do relationships?

Maybe there’s more than just monogamy on offer – perhaps you’ve heard of polyamory or open relationships and wondered what that’s all about.

Learn more about the different relationship styles and the ethical ways people are practising them.

What we will cover?

  • What ‘monogamy’ actually means
  • Why some people want to deviate from that script
  • Getting a better understanding of what terms like ‘monogamist’, ‘swinging’ and ‘polyamory’ actually mean
  • The many and varied forms of ethical non-monogamy that are starting to make their way into public conversation
  • Learn about the importance of harm minimisation within consensual non-monogamy

Who will be teaching?

Miss Smut Buttons (aka Sam Jones) is a sex philosopher and adult industry alumna.  She has worked in brothels, strip clubs, porn studios and sex toy stores.  Through Smut Buttons, Sam has travelled internationally to work with research institutes, participated in panel discussions and collaborated with a variety of sex educators.  She has been with her primary partner for over a decade, and has been in multiple additional relationships in a variety of configurations. You can read more about her travels at her website, Facebook  or Instagram.