Native Nature 101: Learn all about Native Bees with Katrina

This class has passed
This class has passed

Native Nature 101 is a program of free classes for INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS supported by Study Melbourne.

Bee a pollinator! 

Join bee Queen Katrina to learn about our fascinating native bees and how to promote biodiversity in your own backyard. 

Discover how to spot a native bee, understand their important role in pollinating your garden veggies and learn how to create the ultimate native bee paradise in your garden for these intriguing little pollinators.

We’ll also make some seed bags to take home.

What will we cover?

In this class we will cover:

  • An introduction to native bees
  • Your backyard and its role in supporting local biodiversity
  • What all bees do and why we should care
  • Evolution of bees and native plants
  • How to identify a bee (vs a fly)
  • Life cycle of a native bee
  • Buzz pollination
  • Foraging trips with bee goggles on
  • Top bee-friendly plants
  • Safe bee-friendly gardening tips
  • How to be a citizen scientist and provide habitat and reliable food source in your garden for our native pollinators
  • Further resources and handout

Who will be teaching?

Katrina (she/her) is a passionate home gardener and founder of Buzz and Dig.

She has created a native bee friendly garden full of fruit trees, vegetables, perennial and native flowers.  Her garden has been featured in Open Gardens Victoria, Grassroots Magazine, Sharewaste and filmed with Costa Georgiadis for a biosecurity segment.

Katrina’s passion for native bees is featured in The Contented Bee Book (ABC Books). To keep up with the latest follow on the socials Instagram or Facebook.

Important info:

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