Paper Craft – Stylish Invitations

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Maybe you are getting married, having a baby shower… or maybe you’re creative and just want to learn something new! Well, you are officially invited to an evening class celebrating a love for beautiful stationery, craft and DIY invitation making!

All the big memorable events in our lives need beautiful posted invitations, the only problem is they can be expensive and you can’t always find ones that you like. This class will give you the skills to make your own invitations and matching accessories with a professional look but without the snooty price tag.

What will we cover?

We will run through a brief history of invitation making and introduce the basic tools of the trade, including papers and materials, before moving onto some helpful tips and tricks on designing, assembling and posting your hand-made invitations.

In this interactive, hands-on class you will be taught how to make a designer, professional standard invitation, which you can take home with you! Also, if time permits, we will also make a matching place card putting together the skills you have learnt using the best tools.

Who will be teaching?

Jazmine BradleyJazmine Bradley has been a crafter and artist since she was a little girl, but she first started to scrapbook after working in an art studio as a teen. With a passion for paper, Jazmine has been teaching paper craft and making invitations for over six years at various prestigious invitation boutiques across Melbourne. Most recently, Jazmine was working as a graphic designer and creative workshop manager at Australia’s leading wedding stationery brand, Cristina Re.