Portrait Collage with Vivian

This class has passed
This class has passed

A photo carries lot of memories. 

Now that digital photos have become so cheap and accessible, a handmade photo can sometimes feel a little more special.

In this Portrait Collage workshop, you’ll learn how to turn a digital photo into
a handmade collage. 

You could give it as a gift or keep it as a treat for yourself!

What we will cover?

  • Collage technique
  • How to dissect and sketch different elements of face, body, clothes and accessories
  • Texture making technique using different painting mediums

What to bring

  • A memorable picture of yourself or your friend in your phone. 
  • It will be helpful if you can print it out in a A4 size for tracing purpose (if you’re not
  • experienced with sketching)

Who will be teaching?

Vivian Qiu (she/her) is a sentimental jewellery designer. She holds a Bachelor (Honours) degree in Fashion Design in RMIT. Her jewellery practice focuses on reflective designing based on emotions, stories, and memories. 

She explores a variety of non-traditional materials in her practice, including rice fabric created by herself, recycled electrical wires, treated fabric and so on.

She has been running creative hands-on workshops since 2015. She has worked with Signal, City of Melbourne, Geelong Wool Museum, and Immigration Museum.  You can follow her on Instagram.

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