Raw Chocolate Creations

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Learn to make delicious raw chocolate at home within 10 minutes.  Yes when you know how, it can really be that quick and it will be perfectly crafted to your particular desires!

Do you like it salty or sweet, plain or enhanced with a variety of delicious fillings? You can create  YOUR perfect chocolate within minutes.

What will we cover?

What’s the difference between raw chocolate and your store bought Cadbury bar?  Why is making your own so much better for your health (goodbye sugar, dairy and additives!) and indeed why is Cacao touted as a superfood?  Why has raw chocolate become such a buzz item over that past few years.

You will learn the 4 basic ingredients for a raw chocolate recipe and join in the sensual fun of making it.  During the class be inspired as we craft a raw bark within minutes  and also create a moulded chocolate for your pleasure.  Throughout the class we will be tasting and adjusting and we will conclude with a tasting and feedback of the finished chocolates.

You will leave excited to start making chocolate as soon as you get home… and you will realise that you probably have most of the necessary ingredients in your pantry already.

Who will be teaching?

Nemara Hennigan is a Natural Health advocate who has worked in the natural wellness industry for 20 years as a Hawaiian Massage therapist, wellness centre owner (founder of Sydney Ka Huna) and retreat facilitator.  Four years ago she built a raw food kitchen in Byron, lived on 90% raw foods, perfected the art of making Raw Chocolate and raw deNemara Hennigansserts and soon after decided to share this healthful sweet skill via workshops and classes. Her classes are tasty, fun, and interactive. You will leave feeling naturally sweet and happily high.

Nemara is available for workshops, classes and retreats.  Her offerings also include Hawaiian Massage, Body detoxing and Meditation. For more information contact her via email