Spring Bushwalking: Topo Maps and Compass Navigation

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Do you get lost on purpose or by accident? Do you blindly follow paths, signs and guides? Wish that you could plan, trace or change your way?

In this class you will learn how to read topographic maps in all weather conditions, plan your own routes and navigate in style!

What we will cover?

We will get to grips with:

  • What navigation is
  • Hiking topo maps under a magnifying glass
  • Using a compass (please bring your own)
  • How to plan your way
  • What to do if you get lost

Who will be teaching?

Katka profile pictureKatka Pavkova has been fascinated by maps all her life, and it’s unlikely that will ever change. Her dedication to colourful charts led her to get a degree in cartography and hang maps in every room of her home! Nowadays, she teaches cartography at Monash University and RMIT. She will guide you to find your own way to become a map and navigation pro.