Urban Agriculture: Small Space Food Gardens with GG ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Have you ever wanted to:

  • Cut the cost of your grocery bill?
  • Become more self-sufficient?
  • Have more input or control of what you eat?
  • Avoid pesticides?
  • Contribute to sustainability?
  • Learn about worms?

Perhaps you thought it wasn’t possible because your best mate, his sister, a drum kit (and your two cats) share a bedsit in a high-rise apartment block in the middle of the city?

Think again!

What will we cover?

Simple, succinct and practical How To’s that are focused on growing/sharing/fertilising your own food in urban dwellings (small spaces, apartments) and communities.

**This class is aimed at inner-city dwellers and those with small growing spaces and not a general gardening / veggie patch / farming class**

We will begin with enough basic information to get you started on your grow-know:

  • Basic gardening hygiene (more than enough to get growing)
  • What and how to successfully grow in containers during the winter months
  • Sprouting & microgreens (supplying you nutritious tucker all year)
  • Equipment, start-up costs and requirements: how to make and source your own
  • Photos, videos and real-life examples
  • More resources than you could poke a garden stake at

Time permitting we may even get to cover other (more challenging) skills like:

  • Small worm farms and bench top composts
  • Seed saving

Who will be teaching?

ShannonMaxwell-38The Green Genie (GG for short) is all for empowering healthy people for a healthy planet. She loves to share her wealth of experience in small space gardening, green cleaning, DIY cosmetics & perfumes, quality self-care and massage. Let her lead you up the garden path to a fresh, fun approach to sustainable living and self-sufficiency.