Yes, You Can Draw! No Rules, No Shame

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

If you think that you can’t draw, then this class is for you!

Observe young children drawing; will they get self-conscious if the tree they draw does not look like the usual brown stick under a green ball? Will they restrain their imagination with the very common “I can’t do it” attitude? Will they be ashamed to draw something they have never drawn before? Will they be afraid to pick up their pencil and be creative?

No, they won’t! Now ask yourself: why can’t I do the same?

What will we cover?

The class will focus on helping you reconnecting with your lost drawing skills.

First, we will try to forget about all the rules you might have learnt before. No proportions, perspectives, or light and shade talk in this class. We will discuss what “a good drawing” is, or should be, through examples and demonstrations.

Then, we will step out of our comfort zone with a few drawing exercises. Have you ever tried to draw without looking at you paper? With your eyes closed? With somebody else’s hand? You might be surprised by the result!

We will finish the class with a collective life drawing session, where we will try to apply the principles discovered in the first part of the class.

This class is designed to help everybody gain confidence and pleasure in drawing. All you need to bring is your favourite drawing tool (if you have one), but no eraser allowed!

Who will be teaching?

Amandine is a French illustrator and graphic designer, who travelled her way to Australia a few years ago and somehow never made it back. When not strapped to a backpack, she is busy designing the next issue of Melbourne-based quarterly magazine Dumbo Feather, where she works as the art director. The rest of the time she writes and illustrates books for little human beings, contributes to a number of European and Australian publications, and eats copious amounts of lollies.